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The Book of Moon: An Loúr ihn G’éalach is available to purchase in trade paperback from Ingram Spark at a 55% wholesale discount for booksellers.
Audience: YA/Teen (13+)
BISAC subject code: YAF031000  / YA Fiction/ Fantasy/ LBGT

Dimensions: Height  0.7164 ”  x Width  8″  x Length 10″
Weight per book: 1.509 lbs
Casepack qty: 11
Binding: perfect bound
Page count: 344

ISBN: 978-0-578-56598-9
Library of Congress Control Number:2019917357
Retail Price: $19.99

The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach chapter plates use Kells SD font by Stephen Deffeyes,
Footlight MT Light and Times New Roman.
Book divider illustrations use Gondola Swash font by Stephen Deffeyes. headers use Kells SD font by Steve Deffeyes. uses Gondola_SD-Swash font by Steve Deffeyes

Typesetting for The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach was done by

The Book of Moon: an Loúr ihn G’éalach cover uses Kells-SD font by Stephen Deffeys and Times New Roman.

The author wishes to express sincere thanks for all beta readers for various parts of the text, in particular, Elaine E.

In memory of D. Martin, B. Kern and M.C. Duhig, all welcome members of Ebūda.

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Author photos by D. Chalich