Because the process of writing The Book of Moon spanned several years and K. Rose Quayle is such a music lover, she kept a sort of “unofficial soundtrack” of the book running through her head and on countless sheets of scrap paper. Here collected is how she “scored” the story divided by character and book. Presenting An Músish ihn an Loúr ihn G’éalach. Enjoy!

Book One


Rā-alta’s theme: Nandemonaiya (English ver)(Your Name sdtk), RADWIMPS
Bri’én: The Girl in Byakkoya (Paprika sdtrk), Susumu Hirasawa
A Mountainous Youth: Dance of Your Nature (Wolf Children sdtrk), Tagaki Masakatsu
The Elders: Islamic song, Takht Ensemble
The Palace that Never Sleeps:  Rosebud Waltz (Shojo Kakumei Utena sdtrk), Shinkichi Mitsumune
Rā-alta and Sā’úū Love Me Still, Chaka Khan
Sā’úū’s theme: Dressing Room Piano (FAME sdtrk), Michael Gore
The Guardians: Boadicea, Enya
Lān’s Dreams: Cloud Age Symphony (Last Exile sdtrk), Dolce Triad
Stories of Ebūda: Yuvati Mana/ Marathuni, Asha Bhosle
When análong Dreamed: Main Titles (The American President sdtrk), Marc Shaiman
How Could it Be Me?  Bodies, Robbie Williams


Mi’hal’ē’s theme: Outside (Awakenings sdtrk), Randy Newman
At the Shrine: Resurrection II Ghost City (Ghost in the Shell sdtk), Kenji Kawai
Chores and Calendars: Scales to America (Shine sdtrk), David Hirshfelder
Outside: Theme from Amelie, Yann Tiersen
Pōcarū: Kiribati Group Song, Tanimaiaki Village
Festivals: Thai Classical Piphat, Panya Roongruangt
Playing: Summer, Joe Hisashi
Afternoon Dreams: Song of Dream, Words of Bubble (Haibane Renmei sdtrk), Ko Otani
Ah’sha: Life Goes On (Simon Birch sdtrk)
I Heard Their Words: Duvet Cyberia Remix (Serial Experiments LAIN sdtrk)
I Wanted to Know All: In a Sunlit Garden (Shojo Kakumei Utena sdtrk), Shinkichi Mitsumune
I Wish: Fairytale, Enya


F’ala’s theme: Tammi, Varttina
Acquaintances: All I know, Art Garfunkel
F’ala’s scars: Move Along, All-American Rejects
The Pleasures of One’s Own Land: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Ryuichi Sakamoto
In the City: Tales of the Future (Blade Runner sdtk), Vangelis
The Halls of Learning: Javanese Court Gamelon, Institute of Ethnomusicology
Goodbye, Bri’én: Hard Times Come Again no More (The Civil War sdtrk), Kate and Anna McGarrigle and Families
I Missed You All This Time: Bruce and Linda (The Bruce Lee Story sdtrk), Hans Zimmer
Innocence: MFEO Pt 2, Jack’s Mannequin
Why Can’t I call her Sister? The Space Between, Dave Matthews Band
The Worst Choice: Christmas Lights, Coldplay
I’d Have Done Anything You Asked: If That’s What You Need, Genesis

Éē’shī’s theme: Twosome, Deep Forest
Before We Were Guardians: Aurora (Final Fantasy sdtrk), Origa
Hala’Asal: Rince D, Michael W Smith
They Can Never Remember Me: Mechanical Dolls (Blade Runner sdtrk), Vangelis
Knowing too Much:  I am Waiting, Yes
The Night Before We Went Away: Chopin Ballad, Melanie Doane
Fearing the Morning, Hating the Night: Abide With Me, Discovery Singers
Strangers from the Same Country: Half an Acre, HEM


Ā’dō’s theme: How Great, Dave Crowder Band
Sé Elamangúō: Ebudae, Enya
Dance with Me: Adore (Haibane Renmei sdtrk), Heart of Air
Secrets of my Sister: Unofficial Treaties (Man in the High Castle sdtrk), Henry Jackman/ Dominic Lewis
Asama: Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol
One Day I Shall Walk Along the Sea with You: Lea Halalela (Lion King sdtk), Lebo M

Anshē and Rāca

Anshē and Rāca theme: Red Guard (The Last Emperor sdtrk), Girls Red Guard Dancers
Friends: Children’s Song, Oystein Sevag
School: Hoya Hoya, Saleshe Demassae
Saying Goodbye to Our Village: Where is Armo? (The Last Emperor sdtrk), David Byrne

Book Two


Why did you send me away? Koyal, Nitin Sawhney
The Plains I Imagined: Meditational Field (Paprika sdtrk), Susumu Hirasawa
Everything is New:  Going to School (Memoirs of a Geisha sdtrk), John Williams
On the Way to Bri’én: Waters of the Irawaddy (Beyond Rangoon sdtrk), Hans Zimmer
In the Night: Tibetan Lullaby, Beijing Angelic Choir
Death Has Followed Me all of My Days: Come Unto Me, Sweet Honey In the Rock
You’re Like Me: Leonard (Awakenings sdtrk), Randy Newman
Someone’s There: Danse les Lucioles (Evangelion 1.0 sdtrk), Shiro Sagisu
Enemies: Happy End (Boogiepop Phantom sdtrk), Flare
They’re in the Stars: Fish, Silent Cruise (Ghost in the Shell sdtrk), Kenji Kawai
Song in Bri’én: Suo Gan (Empire of the Sun sdtrk), John Williams
Waiting to Lose You Too: Heavy Price Paid (Halo sdtrk)
I Won’t Leave You: The Reality of Miracles (Awakenings sdtrk), Randy Newman
The Only Fight That Matters: The Impossible Planet (Doctor Who sdtrk), Murray Gold
The Sky Cried, It Bled, and Died: Rei Opus V (Evangelion 1.0 sdtrk), Shiro Sagisu
Snow: End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second sdtk), Masayoshi Yamazaki
See, a New World Has Come: My Weakness, Moby
Caémba: Bach Cantata #10, Meine Seel Erhebt Den Herren, Eugene Ormandy


Āe’rū’s theme: Ramblin’ Roland 01×22 (X-Files Season 1 Score), Mark Snow


We two: A Tree for My Bed (Jurassic Park sdtrk), John WIlliams
Brother, Can’t You Help Us? Rach 3 Reborn (Shine sdtrk), David Hirschfelder
So Still, Bri’én: Fais Dodo, Colin Mon Petit Frere, Sophie Rockwell
All of the Sins I Could Carry: Jesus Bleibet Meine Freund (End of Evangelion sdtrk), Shiro Sigasu
The Price of Balance is Loss: First Coronation (The Last Emperor sdtrk), Ryiuchi Sakamoto
A Lullaby of Drums: Mecanisme de Defense (Evangelion 1.0 sdtrk), Shiro Sigasu
Like Butterflies: All That Love’s About (Wall-e sdtrk), Thomas Newman
You’ll Be Just Fine: Alex and Janet (Road to Avonlea sdtrk), Don Gillis
Éē’shī’s Song: Sweet Lullaby, Deep Forest
This, the End of My Journey: Valley of the Shadow (Little Women sdtrk)

Book Three


I’m Going Home: Jerusalem (Empire of the Sun sdtrk), John Williams
My Missing Thing: Burdens (Little Women sdtrk), Thomas Newman
But Everything Was Beautiful: An American Symphony (Mr. Holland’s Opus sdtrk), Michael Kamen
Úā’la: Pray to Dios (Shojo Kakumei Utena sdtrk), Shinkichi Mitsume
The Third Heaven: G-d Moving Over the Face of the Waters, Moby
Because I Was Your Child, This is How I Grew: Atta, (A Bug’s Life sdtrk), Randy Newman
F’ala’s Letter: Bleed to Love Her, Fleetwood Mac
The Book of Moon: Pone (Boogiepop Phantom sdtrk), Rei Harakami


Sarshēl’s theme: KIDS System (Serial Experiments LAIN Cyberia sdtrk), CHABO


When we were Stars: To The Same Heights, piano arrangement (CLANNAD OST)


Tomorrow: Paperman, Christopher Beck
Natsuki’s theme: Gate of Your Dreams (NiGHTS into Dreams sdtrk), SEGA